Summmertime STEM Projects for Kids

Summertime is already in full swing for many kids and will be soon for others. Just because school is out, doesn’t mean kids have to stop learning for the summer. There are many fun STEM projects kids can work on to keep them entertained that will keep them learning in the process.

Summertime STEM project ideas

Here are a few STEM projects that can help you and your kids get through the summer without falling victim to Summer Learning Loss:

  • DIY Smartphone Projector: Have you ever wanted to watch movies or TV on a big screen in your own home, but didn’t feel like dishing out hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to do so? It may take some adjusting, but you’ll be watching a big screen at home in no time. Gather some friends and set up your projector outside for a little added fun.
  • DIY Phone SpeakerIf music is more your kid’s scene, this easy to complete project will help them to amplify the volume of their music, movies, or anything played through a mobile device.. This project requires some adult supervision, but the finished product is perfect for relaxing by the pool.
  • Computer Coding with LEGO: If it gets to be too hot outside, coding is the perfect way to keep your child engaged all summer. Coding can be a lot of fun, especially when LEGOs are involved. What kid doesn’t love building and experimenting with LEGOs?
  • Homemade Wobblebot: Another indoor project for when it’s just too hot outside. This is sure to put a smile on the face of any robotics enthusiast. These cute little robots keep kids entertained by performing a wobbly dance. For a little added fun, create a dance of your own to wobble along with your new bot!

Other fun summer activities

If you’re looking for some extra excitement this summer, Full Sail Labs offers Summer Camps for Kids (ages 7-12) and Teens (ages 13-17) in topics of Game Design, Coding, Music Production, Filmmaking, and more! Learn more about these Summer Camps to find out what options best fit the interests of your children.

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