Music Production

Kids 7–12

When was the last time you seriously stopped and listened to the world around you? You've been using your ears even before you were born, you've most likely been told numerous times to listen carefully, and yet very few people have mastered the art of listening. The Audio, Sound, and Music Production industries rely heavily on active listening skills, creative expression, and attention to detail. In this camp, students will hone these skills through a series of interactive audio projects. They will individually and collectively explore sound waves, microphones, frequencies, technology, electricity, and music theory and trends—all of which will aid them in making smarter choices when composing music and sound. Did you know sound experts used recordings of a baby elephant's squeal to form part of the tremendous T-Rex roar heard in Jurassic Park? Talk about creativity! Turn your kid's desire to make noise from ordinary sounds into interesting and fantastical sounds!

Who is this for?

Campers who love to make noise and want to creatively reshape sound to convey a story or message.


Winter Park

(Discounts available for multiple camps)

The student will

  • Explore media industries and identify various strategies for incorporating sound
  • Capture and edit a library of sounds
  • Apply artistic concepts like volume, panning, and effects
  • Edit ordinary sounds to communicate specific fantasy elements, such as aliens, monsters, and fantasy environments
  • Develop refined listening skills through a series of engaging exercises
  • Identify common concepts and vocabulary associated with Audio

Final Project

A collection of audio and sound projects that will demonstrate the power of listening.

June Dates & Locations

  • June 4–8 (Winter Park)

July Dates & Locations

  • July 16–20 (Winter Park)


  • Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Locations, Pricing, and Dates


per week

  • June 4–8, July 16–20


  • Pass Holders' first camp is included in their Pass Plan, any additional camp is $550 each
  • Full Sail University employees get a special price of $550 per camp
  • Bundle two or more camps in the same transaction and save extra:

* Bundle discounts apply to siblings
** Pass Holders' first camp already included

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the satellite locations compare to the Winter Park location?

Students at each of our summer camp locations receive the same learning experiences with the same gear and equipment. However, students at our satellite locations receive a discount as our Winter Park location has access to Full Sail University’s campus. Because of campus amenities, our Teens’ Summer Camps are only available at Full Sail Labs Winter Park location.

What happens if a camp is cancelled?

Full Sail Labs reserves the right to cancel or postpone any camp due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. If a camp is cancelled, registrants will be notified immediately and refunds will be processed.

All cancellations and withdrawals are subject to a $100 cancellation fee per camp, per child. No refunds are given after a camp begins.

Can I choose more than a week?

You can join us for as many weeks as you like during the summer and even choose the same subject. Since each subject is tailored to your child's interests, they'll have a whole new experience.

Do you provide lunch and snacks?

Students need to bring their own lunch and a preferred snack. We’ll provide water and some healthy snacks.

Are there early drop off and late pickup times?

Early drop off is from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. with late pick up available until 6:00 p.m.

If the week I want is full, is there a waiting list?

For those classes that are already full, we will maintain a waiting list. To get on the waiting list, you must complete an online application indicating the session in which you are interested. Credit card information is required but will not be charged at this point. As spaces become available, the first name in the waiting list will be called to offer the spot.

How are refunds processed?

If you need to cancel or withdraw from a camp, please notify our office as soon as possible, either by phone or in writing (mail or email). A cancellation fee will be applied. No refunds are given after a camp begins.

Can my child take the same Summer Camp more than once?

Yes. Each camp has different roles, and we adapt to the interests of the child within the project.

How do discounts work?

Discounts will be applied after checkout.

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