Full Sail Labs promotes the use of consumer electronics that are readily accessible to families, such as iPads and digital cameras. Using this level of technology, students can continue to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom with the resources they have at home. Parents are usually familiar with these tools, which gives them the opportunity to work on creative projects with their kids.


At Full Sail Labs, we believe that unlocking creativity begins with ensuring a safe space for learners to try something new, explore their interests, and collaborate with peers. Students are free to push the limits of their imaginations and are provided positive, productive feedback to guide the development of their new creations. Facilitators are on hand to ignite inspiration rather than dictate direction.


We believe deep learning occurs when students make meaningful connections between the concepts and techniques taught with their own goals and dreams. We encourage students to continue thinking and creating independently at home and throughout their lives. The more relevant ties they can make, the better-equipped students will be to use the knowledge and skills they develop at Full Sail Labs in powerful ways.


Full Sail Labs serves a diverse population of students. We believe everyone has different needs and have crafted our curriculum to support individualized learning paths. We see our students for who they are and guide them in personalizing their experience to best fulfill their learning goals. Our curriculum provides a conceptual framework while allowing the learners’ own interests to drive the content creation process and the telling of their stories.

Our Education Philosophy

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Creative Spaces


Beautifully and artfully designed by award-winning architects and designers, our lab is an engaging and open learning environment that can be adjusted and repurposed for any project. It provides kids with all the technology necessary to create the projects to explore their creativity. It’s important for parents to feel part of the experience, for this reason our lab has glass walls that allow parents to observe.


We’ve created a special place for parents (and siblings) to wait while your child is busy creating his or her next big project. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or a snack, and relax in a comfortable setting. Siblings that aren’t attending a session will have access to a computer in the waiting room, so homework doesn’t have to wait until you get home. And, since we’re a technology school, we have plenty of charging stations for your gadgets.


Full Sail Labs operates on the campus of Full Sail University, utilizing the same security protocol, including an on-site campus security team doing rounds of the property, and 24-hour security surveillance. Upon registration, you’ll provide emergency contact information for your child. If an emergency occurs, and you are not in the facility, we will follow our emergency protocol and you will be contacted immediately.