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Unreal Essentials 1: Editor

$100 Value      8 Videos

Discover the world of Unreal! Explore and learn to maneuver the Unreal Game Engine's editor from Epic Games.

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Unreal Essentials 2: Blueprint

$100 Value      6 Videos

Learn the basics of Blueprint scripting for the Unreal Game Engine!

New Course

Unreal Essentials 3: Game Play

$100 Value      7 Videos

Create game play features to bring your game to life in the Unreal Game Engine!


Game Creator 4: Puzzle Match 1

$100 Value      14 Videos

Build a Match 3 puzzle style game like Candy Crush, but with an Asian theme of Lucky Cat & sushi! Use Unreal Engine to Blueprint script your game to life.


Game Creator 4: Puzzle Match 2

$100 Value      13 Videos

Expand your game building knowledge with Part 2 of Puzzle Match! Build your own, Asian Lucky Cat themed, 2D Match 3 game with user interface and player feedback systems.

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Game Design: Concepts to Creation

$100 Value      30 Videos

Transform your big game idea into a playable experience! Dive into the core elements of the game design process.

Most Popular

Game Creator 1: Side Scroller

$100 Value      12 Videos

In this course you will focus on using Blueprint Visual scripting to create a 2D, side scroller style game.


Game Creator 2: Arcade

$100 Value      17 Videos

Build an alternate reality with Unreal Engine interface! Learn to perform gameplay interactions through visual scripting.


Game Creator 3: Simulator

$100 Value      20 Videos

Build your own simulation game to land on Mars and maneuver martian terrain!

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