Game Design: Concepts to Creation

Transform your big game idea into a playable experience! Dive into the core elements of the game design process.

30 Videos    12 Hours

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What You'll Do

Learn the foundations of game design by creating ideas for worlds and mechanics. Document those choices in a game design document, a guide for building the entire game including key components: aesthetics, mechanics, story, and technology.

What You'll Learn

  • Game Design vs. Game Development
  • Develop your idea into a game concept
  • How to build a prototype
  • How to create a game design document

What You'll Get

  • Course Support available in case you have any questions
  • Risk Free Guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your course tell us in the first three days and we’ll give you a full refund
  • Online Technical Support if you are having trouble with your browser or getting in your course just give us a call
  • Full Sail Labs Certificate of completion

What You'll Need

  • Internet Connected Device
  • Web Browser (Chrome Preferred)
  • Paper or Digital Notebook

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