Game Creator 4: Puzzle Match 1

Build a Match 3 puzzle style game like Candy Crush, but with an Asian theme of Lucky Cat & sushi! Use Unreal Engine to Blueprint script your game to life.

14 Videos    10 Hours


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What You'll Do

Explore scripting concepts like variables, arrays, and loops in Blueprint with the Unreal Engine to create a playable Match 3 game from start to finish. Use this game as template to build your own custom themed Match 3 game.

What You'll Learn

  • Work with arrays and variables in Unreal
  • Generate the game board and pieces
  • Create a player input system
  • Problem solve and troubleshoot

What You'll Get

  • Course Support available in case you have any questions
  • Risk Free Guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your course tell us in the first three days and we’ll give you a full refund
  • Online Technical Support if you are having trouble with your browser or getting in your course just give us a call
  • Full Sail Labs Certificate of completion

What You'll Need

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