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Learn what you love – anywhere and on your time! Get engaged by experts in topics you’re passionate about.

Music Courses

Gaming Courses

Ableton Beat Maker Basics


Start learning music production and bring your beats to life! Explore your passion in music through Ableton Live.

Beat Maker House Music


Explore the EDM genre Future House’s unique qualities to develop the skillset to produce Future House music.

Unreal Game Creator: Arcade


Build an alternate reality with Unreal Engine interface! Learn to perform gameplay interactions through visual scripting.

Game Creator: Space Shooter


In this course you will focus on using Blueprint Visual scripting to create a 2D, side scroller style game.

Social Media Courses



Share your passion through content that speaks to the masses! Create engaging and shareable content for your audience.



Create videos that express your passions! Discover key components of preproduction, production, and post production of video content.



Give your personality a brand! Explore branding techniques needed to ensure you are building a high-quality brand.



Make money doing what you love! Learn how to build revenue through social media and determine which monetization strategy is best for you.