Ignite Your Child's Creative Mind

Excitement Through The Learning Experience

After talking extensively to parents, we learned that they are searching for ways to engage the creativity and love their children have for technology and art. We felt it was important to help facilitate that and provide students with an outlet limited only by their imagination.

Project-based Learning

At Full Sail Labs we know how hands-on learning engages kids from the start. Our curriculum is project-based and centered on the learner’s interests. Whether it’s filmmaking, gaming, robotics, or art, we’ll guide them through personalized experiences that encourage them to think outside the box. The curriculum is designed to allow your child to learn through experience, without ever realizing that they are, in fact, learning.

Full Sail Labs has created an environment to learn technology in a fun and engaging way, outside of the confines of today’s formal educational settings. Our program provides a glimpse into the world of professional media production and encourages and exposes the learner to the right use of technology at an early age. 

kids learning with iPads

Creative Spaces

Creative minds, even young ones, need creative spaces. At Full Sail Labs, we believe that dull environments produce dull ideas. We have a passion for creating innovative and engaging environments for learning creative skills, and just like the main Full Sail University campus, Full Sail Labs is on par with the best creative spaces in the world. It’s a place where your kids will be begging to come back to every week! The space at Full Sail Labs includes:


Beautifully and artfully designed by award-winning architects and designers, our lab is an engaging and open learning environment that can be adjusted and repurposed for any project. It provides kids with all the technology necessary to create the projects to explore their creativity. It’s important for parents to feel part of the experience, so our lab has glass walls that allow parents to observe.


We’ve created a special place for parents (and siblings) to wait while your child is busy creating his/her next big project. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or a snack, and relax in a comfortable setting. Siblings that aren’t attending a session will have access to a computer in the waiting room, so homework doesn’t have to wait until you get home. And, since we’re a technology school, we’ve got plenty of charging stations for your gadgets. 


Full Sail Labs operates on the campus of Full Sail University, utilizing the same security protocol, including an on-site campus security team doing rounds of the property, and 24-hour security surveillance. Upon registration, you’ll provide emergency contact information for your child. If an emergency occurs, and you are not in the facility, we will follow our emergency protocol, and you will be contacted immediately.


At Full Sail Labs we specifically chose to concentrate on consumer electronics -- things that are readily accessible to families like iPads, and digital cameras -- so that students can continue their exploration at home. The technology we use is usually familiar to the parents as well, so you can work together on fun family projects. All students have full and complete access to the technology while in the labs, and do not need to bring anything with them.

kid producing music on an iPad

Our Educators

Facilitators at Full Sail Labs are experts in the content and the tools that we teach. They are experienced teachers with a passion for teaching ways to leverage imagination and maximize creative potential. Many of our instructors are Full Sail University graduates and have lived our philosophy. 

group of kids at Full Sail Labs