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A Destination for Inspiration
Full Sail Labs offers programs for international students to discover their creativity in Music Production and Game Design while traveling abroad. Mastering skills using professional equipment in collaborative experiences, students nourish their own creative greatness and change their world with it.

Full Sail University's campus

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Full Sail University

For more than 35 years, Full Sail University has been successfully educating students in media, entertainment, technology, and the arts. In 2015, we launched Full Sail Labs to transform young creative minds from passive consumers of media to active creators of media.

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Interactive Experience

Our programs offer unique curricula allowing every student the opportunity to pursue their passions. Through immersive teaching methods and hands-on learning, Full Sail Labs builds an environment where creative genius has no ceiling.

Orlando downtown skyline panorama over Lake Eola at night with urban skyscrapers, tropic palm tree and clear sky.

Central Florida

Surrounded by 1200+ kms of beaches, Central Florida has more to offer than its 18+ theme & water parks. Home to some of the best shopping, sporting events, and restaurants, Central Florida is an outstanding vacation destination.

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