Frequently Asked Questions

What are the students going to be doing and what will they learn?

Full Sail Labs’ goal is to transform kids and teens from content consumers into content creators. Students will learn how to use digital devices (tools and software) with the goal of creating their own media through the use of storytelling, art, and technology. Our curriculum teaches using a hands-on project-based learning approach. Students will learn to create content and become storytellers. While each program is different, every student will walk away having developed a new skill and created something of their own whether it be a playable game, fully produced song, or a short film.

How will this program help my child?

Nowadays Kids and Teens have access to a wide variety of technology and are well versed in using it. At Full Sail Labs, they will engage, think, and create with knowledgeable facilitators. The main goal of Full Sail Labs is to foster the imagination of learners and provide an outlet where they transform from being passive content consumers into engaged content creators.

What are your class sizes?

There is a 1:10 instructor to student ratio. Our labs hold a maximum of 24 students for optimal learning, although some labs have fewer students. Since groups will be from 10 to 20, there will always be two instructors to teach and assist in project development for all the kids in the lab.

What does my child need to bring/not bring?

The only thing they need to bring is a lunch, their creative juices, and enthusiasm! Our lab environments are equipped with everything our students need to develop their creative projects.

Can I get started online?

Yes, click here.

How do I pay?

Clicking on the register tab will take you to the Information Form and payment options.

Do I need to have technology or equipment?

For campus programs, all technology and equipment are provided for students in the Lab. If a student enrolls in an Online Course, they will need to provide their own technology and gear; those specifications are listed in each course page.

Can my child be in the same class with a friend?

Students that want to be in the same session need to sign up for the same time. You can verify that there are enough remaining spaces available for both of them. Because the registration process is online, we can’t guarantee friends will be in the same session.

What happens if my child arrives late one day?

We recommend that our students arrive on time so that they have enough time to complete their projects. We understand sometimes life happens, so in the case that your child is late one day, we’ll incorporate him or her into the lab in the most seamless way possible.

Is Full Sail Labs part of Full Sail University?

Full Sail Labs was designed by Full Sail University and operate on the same campus. Because of that, it benefits from the same security protocol, such as an on-site campus security team and 24-hour surveillance. However, the Full Sail Labs facility has its own building with a learning environment designed for children and their parents. Training provided is for personal enrichment and is not transferable or accredited. 

Business Office Hours of Operation

Our business office is open Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (holidays permitting).

Do you offer transportation to your facilities?

We do not offer transportation to or from our facilities at this time.


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Where is Full Sail Labs located?

On Full Sail University Campus; 221 S Semoran Blvd, Winter Park, FL 32792.

Is Full Sail Labs accredited?

The training provided is for personal enrichment and is not transferable or accredited.

Do you offer tours of the campus?

Yes, contact us to set up a tour.

What makes Full Sail Labs different?

Our approach to learning and teaching makes us stand out as educators. Our unique educational approach centers around unlocking creativity, providing access to educational tools, and building relevant connections to the curriculum. Facilitators at Full Sail Labs are experienced educators with a passion for igniting imagination and maximizing creative potential to support student goals. Our STEAM-based curriculum follows an educational approach incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics to help guide student learning. Designed by Full Sail University, an award-winning educational leader for those pursuing education in the entertainment, media, and technology.

Does Full Sail Labs have overnight camps?

We do not offer overnight camps for our programs. Click here for a hotel list.

Who are your programs for?

Our programs are for Kids (ages 7-12) and Teens (ages 13-17).

What is the dress code?

Clothing: Sleeved shirts with pants, jeans, capris, shorts, skirts, skorts, or dresses of an appropriate length.
Shoes: Sport and casual shoes or sandals are recommended.

When are the Summer Camps?

Summer Camps run in weekly intervals from the beginning of June through the end of August.

How secure is the Full Sail Labs facility?

Full Sail Labs operates on the campus of Full Sail University, utilizing the same security protocol, including an on-site campus security team doing rounds of the property, and 24-hour security surveillance. Entry into our secure facility requires an ID badge or a facilitator escort.

Is early drop off/late pick up available?

One hour leeway for early drop off and late pickup is only available for our Summer Camp campus programs. Otherwise, we offer Open Lab time from Monday-Friday from 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. We will of course remain with a child if they are left past the end of class time, but please be advised there is a late pickup fee of $1 per minute. 

What housing/hotel accommodations do you have/recommend?

Click here for a hotel list.

How do lunches work?

Students are given one hour for lunch. Due to a variety of food allergies and dietary restrictions, students must bring their own lunch. Parents/guardians are welcome to join their child for lunch or sign them out and take them to lunch. We provide water and healthy snacks for our students to enjoy during various breaks throughout the day.

What are the qualifications of the Full Sail Labs facilitators?

All Full Sail Labs facilitators receive background checks with Level 2 FBI clearance, are CPR certified, receive 100 hours of education before they fully step into their roles. They are trained quarterly to use the tools and technology, best teaching methods and how to work with different learner behaviors. We also require all full-time facilitators to become certified Apple Teachers.

Can I stay and watch?

Absolutely! We have a great environment designed for you to relax and watch the Lab. You’ll be able to see your child learn and interact. Relax and wait or you can sit down and talk with other parents. Due to legal reasons, parents/guardians are not permitted to enter the Lab space during class session.

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