Helping Our Students Follow Their Dreams

“Nothing is more satisfying than when you have a passion for something and you go to a place where someone is like, ‘Lets do your idea!'”
—Mr. Anthony, Full Sail Labs facilitator

Full Sail Labs is a unique opportunity for Kids (ages 7-12) and Teens (ages 13-17) to follow their dreams and make their ideas come to life. Many of these students come into Full Sail Labs with ideas that may seem unattainable, but our facilitators have a chance to help these ideas flourish. In the video above, Mr. Anthony shares some of his favorite parts of being a facilitator and interacting with our students.

“It’s really fun. It stretches me as a person to see kids with fresh minds think outside the box.”
—Mr. Anthony

Facilitators at Full Sail Labs guide students through the process of making their ideas come to life. They provide the tools for our students to excel and guidance for those who need it. Through helping our students, the facilitators learn a lot, too.

I helped a very bright young boy named Javian edit a film about jellyfish, and I remember sitting at the end of that day going, “I learned things about jellyfish today watching a really entertaining video that was a complete brain product of this 9-year-old.”
—Mr. Anthony

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