Video Games That Can Teach Us Important Life Lessons

Often times, when violence shows up in the headlines, another debate arises—how video games influence the way we view and interact with the world. Video games allow you to step out of your own shoes for a little while, but there are several positive side effects that players can benefit from.

Here are a few examples of video games that can be beneficial to learning among kids and teens:

  • Minecraft: Some countries use Minecraft to help develop creativity and others to help kids find an interest in geography.
  • Little Big Planet: This is a great way to learn the importance of teamwork. Some objectives require multiple players work together to complete.
  • inFAMOUS: The lesson here is ‘choose your actions wisely’ as the character receives good or bad karma points based on the actions of the player.  
  • Fortnite: A constantly changing map in Battle Royale style games like this and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) teach the player to approach problems from different angles, think quickly, and how to adapt, which is necessary for character or team survival.
  • Sims: All of the Sims games that have been released have a gameplay structure that can teach empathy, by making the player aware of what wants and needs each Sim character needs fulfilled.

Now that we know not all games teach bad behaviors, what’s next? If you’re a Teen (13-17) interested in learning how to make video games of your own, Full Sail Labs can help. We offer School Year Programs, Online Courses, and Summer Camps in Game Design.

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