Tuskawilla STEM Night featuring Full Sail Labs

Full Sail Labs had the privilege of being a sponsor at a phenomenal STEM night held at Tuskawilla Middle School. Various STEM-related activities were set up in the cafeteria and gym, with an Orlando Police Department helicopter landing on the basketball court – the outside court that is!

A science-themed station was set up where students used household items to hand make their own slime. There was, black slime, fuchsia slime, green slime, and sticky hands galore! A math-themed station offered a real-life Angry Birds game. Students used a massive slingshot to throw a bird at handmade paper bricks and pigs set up in different arrangements.

Students had a passport with the name of each vendor in a square. Their goal was to visit each booth and complete a STEM activity to receive a sticker for their passport. At the Full Sail Labs booth, students had a few activities to choose from based on their interest, or they could try them all! On iPads students used GarageBand for iOS to pick a song genre and then craft their own original song in real time. The EDM song style seemed to be a popular choice and allowed the facilitators to practice some of their dance moves, and boy did they need the practice.

Students could also use Wonder Workshop’s Go app on iPads to make Dash and Dot robots show off their moves to the GarageBand beats. Game lovers used MacBook Pros to play a Mario Maker inspired game called JumpMaker, created in Game Maker by Full Sail Labs facilitator Mr Sam. Once students completed the level, they had a chance to create their own Mario Style game level. Students could also play an UnderPong game built and designed in Game Maker by a Full Sail Labs student. These hands-on STEM activities work to show students the talent within them capable of creating incredible content.

Full Sail Labs is committed to being a force for good in our local community. We are continuously looking to make meaningful connections with schools and organizations that we can inspire with our creative programming. If you are interested in having us attend a local Orlando STEM or STEAM night, please contact us at info@FullSailLabs.com or call (407) 673-6249.