Teens Showcase Music Production Talents


Full Sail Labs offers a unique opportunity for Kids and Teens to learn and grow. With our Teen Music Production Summer Camp, our students are taken on a journey that encourages growth through creating music.

The Music Production Camp starts similar to our other camps; Teens become familiar with different music terms and theory, then get acquainted with the gear they’ll be working with.

“By the end of the week, we really try to evolve into a full song or a couple of songs that they have created.“ 
—Dustin Hulton, Full Sail Labs facilitator

Teens learn to create music using the Ableton Live interface

After completing their songs, students showcase their creations to their family and friends. One of the coolest venues they’ve performed in is the Treehouse venue on the Full Sail University campus. This venue is a fitting location for the Teens to show their knowledge and understanding of what they learned over the week-long Summer Camp. It’s set up like a coffeehouse with a stage and lights.

“One of the coolest parts throughout the week is the closing, the showcase. They’ve been building up to something they’ve been working on something, then telling their parent’s what’s going on, telling their friends, that’s their stage.“

Full Sail Labs Teens showcase their music in the Full Sail University Treehouse venue

Just that moment seeing the spark of how excited they are to actually finally get to show it. It’s a cool journey. It’s work, it’s fun, but at the end of the week, every time every student walks away, I feel happy with what they’ve come up with.

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