Preparing Your Teen for College: Time Management Through Productivity and Organization

At Full Sail Labs, we understand how difficult it can be for parents and teens to plan for college. Don’t worry; we are here to help by offering information on a variety of topics you can discuss with your teen.

It goes without saying, when in college you need to have good time management skills. While these skills can initially be difficult to form, there are some great resources available to get you on the right track. 

Managing productivity can help to keep things on a set schedule and relieve some of the anxiety that comes with a full course-load. Work smarter, not harder. Here are a few time management apps to help increase productivity and organization:

  • Evernote - Keep track of website links, images, and written notes in one convenient location, accessible across multiple devices.
  • Trello - Assign tasks to different people. Perfect for keeping track of group projects.
  • Todoist - Keep your workload scheduled out by listing specific tasks you would like to complete on or by a specific day.
  • RescueTime - Keep detailed track of the websites visits, so you can see where most of your time is being spent online.
  • Focus Booster - Utilize the Pomodoro Technique to help stay focused on a specific task and allow some time for breaks, too.

We hope the free time management tools above help get you and your teen prepared for college success. While time management is important, there are many other discussions to have with your teen before they depart for college. You can explore more ways to prepare your teen for college on our blog page. Check back monthly for additional topics covering the series – Preparing Your Teen for College.

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