Teens Giving Back to the Community

With the winter holidays right around the corner, the Season of Giving is in full swing! While presents don’t come cheap, there are other ways people can give back to their communities. These teens found unique ways to give back to their communities and contribute to the world:

These are some pretty extreme examples of how some teens have helped their communities. Here are a few ways kids and teens can easily give back:

  • Donate a toy or present to Toys for Tots: You can find a location near you here.
  • Set up a little free library in your neighborhood: Provide used books for others to borrow or keep. Make sure to note that donations are accepted by leaving another book behind.
  • Donate outgrown clothes to a charity of your choice: Goodwill and the Salvation Army are good starting points, but there may be more options where you are located.
  • Community Service for teens and volunteer opportunities for kids: There are so many community service and volunteer options to choose from.

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