Filmmaking with Stop Motion Animation

Claymation-style stop-motion animation has been used for years in classic television shows such as The Gumby Show, Wallace and Gromit, or more recently, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Fantastic Mr. Fox. However, did you know that stop motion dates back to as early as the 1890’s, in a movie titled The Humpty Dumpty Circus?

But what exactly is “stop-motion animation”? You might think of it like creating a flip book with drawings in the bottom corner of a notepad and when you flip through the pages, it appears as if the images are moving. More accurately, stop-motion animation is when this process is caught on camera. Today you find stop-motion animation in movies like The Lego Movie, which used a mix of stop-motion and computer graphics imaging.

Full Sail Labs teaches Kids (ages 7-12) stop-motion in multiple School Year and Summer Camp Filmmaking programs. In these programs, students are provided with the tools necessary to complete their stop-motion film, including iPads, characters, and tools to create backdrops.

Kids learn stop motion animation at Full Sail Labs

Students use the Stop Motion Studio app for Apple iOS to film stop-motion videos at Full Sail Labs, but there are many stop motion apps for mobile devices.

  • Stop Motion Studio: This free app is available for Apple users and Android OS and is marketed as “The world’s easiest app to get you into stop motion movie making!” Easy is good, especially when learning something new! There are also Pro versions of this app with additional features.
  • Lego Movie Maker: Lego characters and backdrops are perfect options for creating a stop motion video.
  • iMovie: This free app is available for Apple iOS. While it may be difficult to shoot video with this app, iMovie is great for editing and piecing together images to create a story. Just import a sequence of images and lay them out on the timeline.

Stop-motion has come a long way since some of the earliest animations. Technological advancements, such as 3D Printing, now allow for stop-motion animators to rapidly prototype facial expressions to convey a wider range of emotions than were possible in the past. More recent stop-motion animated movies such as Kubo and the Two Strings and Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs have us excited to see what is in store for the future of stop-motion.

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