Spring Break Workshops for Kids and Teens

Spring break is just around the corner for many kids and teens. For parents, this may not be much of a change from day-to-day, but your children may need some enrichment for the week. If you’re still looking for something to keep your kids and teens learning and growing, have them learn what they love!

Kids Workshops

Full Sail Labs is offering daily workshops for Kids 7-12 years old on the following topics:

  • Minecraft Redstone Circuits: Have you ever wondered how to make an operating light switch, automatic doors, or elevator in Minecraft? In this workshop,  learn about the Redstone Circuitry that makes these items work in the game.
  • Music and Tech: This workshop will provide a unique opportunity to learn how to create your own instrument. From there, you’ll learn  to program the sounds your instrument will play.
  • Art of Improv: Want to learn how to be quick on your feet? In this workshop, exercises are used to teach techniques in acting on the spot and how to adapt to the scene.
  • Platformer Game Design:  Get your game controllers ready! Learn how to build a platformer game, like Super Mario Brothers or Donkey Kong Country. Gain an insight into the GameMaker Studio 2 IDE Software and learn how to create customized art, sounds, and level challenges.
  • Digital Photography: Take your photos to the next level with this workshop. Find new tips and tricks to help you take more appealing photos, no matter what camera is being used.
  • Film Production: You’re never too young to learn how to make a great film. Take a look into the production process and learn how to collaborate to tell a story through film.  
  • Swift Playgrounds: Have you ever wondered what your favorite mobile games and apps look like from the back end? Look into the language of Swift Playgrounds in this workshop, where students will complete a series of challenges to demonstrate basic competency of Swift coding.

Teen Workshops

Workshops for Teens 13-17 years old will cover these topics:

  • Platformer Game Design:  Teens will be guided through GameMaker Studio 2 IDE. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have an understanding of how to personalize a platform-style video game of your own!
  • Music Production: If music is your jam, this is the perfect workshop for you! Learn how to create a complete track, using loops, audio samples, and virtual instruments. Leave with an understanding for how to do this from anywhere you can access a computer.
  • Swift Playgrounds: Maybe coding is more up your alley? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to code an app of your own.

These workshops will give any Kid or Teen something to look forward to this Spring break. These daily workshops last from 9am – 5pm and the complete schedule can be found here. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional updates regarding our workshops and other offerings. 



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