Robotic Evolution at Full Sail Labs


We can most likely all agree that robots are cool. There’s no denying it; robots will eventually take over the world! But seriously, the robotics industry is continually evolving. There are robots now that can do things that robotics engineers 20 years ago would never have dreamed of. In our brief history at Full Sail Labs, our curriculum has seen a robotic evolution of its own. 

While the history of robotics at Full Sail Labs is not a long one, it has evolved significantly to keep up with the industry.

  • Dash and Dot: In the beginning, there were Wonder Workshop’s Dash and Dot robots. These robots were and are used to teach students the mechanics of robots. Students new to robotics can easily manver and experiment the robots and explore the many coding applications.
  • Makey Makey: These are not robots per se, but rather teach the coding and circuitry that is evident in robotics. We use the Classic Makey Makey to control video games and to make music using unique instruments, such as a banana keyboard. There are a wide range of functions these circuits can complete.
  • Snap Circuits: These circuits are used to teach circuitry and how energy passes with cool visual effects like sensors, LED lights, and much more.
  • Arduino Uno: Students learn concepts of circuitry, memory, and how the breadboard (circuit board) works. These can be programmed outside of robots to create light shows and independent moving parts. The next robot on this list also uses Arduino Mega 2560, which is a more powerful controller than the Uno.
  • mBots: There are three separate mBot models we have used in Labs, including the original mBot, the mBot Ranger, and the mBot Ultimate 2.0. They provide a unique learning experience because assembly is required. These robots are used for a number of reasons, including echolocation and infrared tracking.  

When all is said and done, we can see that robots are great educational tools and there’s no way these little guys can take over the world…at least not yet! Full Sail Labs encourages learning with Robotics through School Year Programs and Summer Camps for Kids 7-12 years old.

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