Leading Others to Success with Music Production

Full Sail Labs encourages students to be awesome human beings. Our teaching strategies are formulated to help develop creative thinking. But sometimes we have students that impact and surprise us by taking extra steps for success. Corey is one of those students.

“Corey started out pretty quiet but focused on his goals, but as the course progressed he was helping and encouraging others, building confidence and leadership skills.”
Dustin Hulton, Full Sail Labs facilitator

Teens learn recording with Ableton Live

Corey has attended multiple Labs and Camps, covering topics in Music Production and Filmmaking. Since attending Music Production at Full Sail Labs, Corey has been polishing his music skills on his own. Recently, he attended a Music Production session to record one of his new songs.

“I’ve been producing my own music, producing music for my other friends. Just working on collaborations and stuff with other people that I know. I’m here today to record a song.”
Corey, Student at Full Sail Labs

Teen students learn music production with in class recording sessions

Corey’s visit to record with the class was a unique opportunity for the other students. It provided a chance to learn how the recording process works, including how to setup and adjust settings. More importantly, this proved that anyone can get a professional sounding recording without having to pay extra to record in a studio.

[Corey’s] initiative helped show his classmates how the process worked and even inspired some of them to consider doing it in the future. I was proud to help Corey succeed in this task and I’m glad he was able to achieve his own personal goal.”

Students learn how to setup a professional sounding home recording studio.

Corey has plans to move forward with his music, but prefers to be more on the creative side, writing songs. He feels that the knowledge gained from Music Production at Full Sail Labs will help him to achieve his goals in the future.

“I think having the music production background is good because I don’t need to rely on as many people as I used to… now it’s more of a focus on being an artist.”

Dustin and all of us at Full Sail Labs really look forward to seeing what amazing things Corey will do with his music going forward. If you’re interested in Music Production like Corey, click here to learn more about programs offered at Full Sail Labs. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional updates regarding our course offerings and student stories.


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