Online Lessons Help Prevent Summer Learning Loss

What is Summer Learning Loss?

Summer Learning Loss affects students of all ages. During summer break, students who do not actively seek out activities to strengthen cognitive skills lose three months of critical skills that they learned during the previous school year. When students return to school in the fall, they spend about six weeks re-learning old material, to make up for what was lost. It takes students up to two months from the first day of school for their brain to get back on track from its summer state of mind and revert back to its “classroom” development.

How can Full Sail Labs help?

By introducing interactive online courses into the teenage summer schedule, the effects of Summer Learning Loss can be lessened. Full Sail Labs offers online courses and free lessons in Game Design, Music Production, and YouTube Content Creation that allow students to learn and follow their passions. Each course includes rich, informative experiences in media providing teens with hours of guided, self-paced learning to develop new skills.

“Full Sail Labs is dedicated to helping students and families diminish the effects of Summer Learning Loss, while having fun. We are excited to offer an online program that is not only a tool to help parents re-orient some of the increased screen-time into educational learning, but also something to help teens all over the world thrive, discover new passions and develop new skills that turn them into content creators.” 
—Luis Garcia, General Manager of Full Sail Labs.

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