New Years Resolutions – Mastering New Skills in a Digital Age

Friends and family rejoice - 2018 is here! A new year often brings new resolutions. Many people plan to shed a few pounds, give up a vice, or work more on budgeting. If you’re still trying to figure out how to better yourself this year, you’re not alone. Consider learning a new skill, something you can benefit from and grow with for years to come.

Some skills are timeless, like learning how to ride a bike. Here are some personal skills you can master in 2018:

  • Learn a new language: Hablas Español? Sprechen sie Deutsch? Parlez-vous français? You could even consider reading music a new language.
  • Learn to play an instrument: After you’ve learned to read music, you can build on that skill by picking up a guitar, keyboard, or saxophone. Learning how to play an instrument can be calming and help you create beautiful melodies.
  • Learn a new dance: This is a great way to help prepare yourself for that upcoming wedding, or another way to keep in shape. It can be fun, too!

Now that you’ve mastered bilingual performing arts, what other skill sets can you conquer? With the world quickly evolving around us, wouldn’t it be nice to learn a skill to help prepare for a technology-driven future? Here are a few skills you can learn in the new year to get a jump start on the emerging digital world:

  • Learn how to code: You can build an app,  a website, or even learn how to program your own game.
  • Learn how to create digital music: If you know how to play a physical instrument, the sounds you create can be recorded and manipulated to create something completely new. Or you can open up a digital audio workstation (DAW) and create sounds using only the software.
  • Learn how to make a film: Operating a camera is only part of the filmmaking process. Editing, music, sound effects, and (if you like a challenge) visual effects come into play, too!

We hope these ideas help to get you off to a good start for the new year. If you are interested in any of the technical skills above, Full Sail Labs offers School Year and Homeschool Programs for Kids (ages 7-12) and Teens (ages 13-17) in addition to our year-round Online Courses. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on our offerings.