How to EQ Male Vocals in Ableton Live: Part 6 – Highs Clarity


In the previous How to EQ Male Vocals series, we discussed tips to cut out unwanted ringing, hums, and buzzing sounds in highs harshness. The last area to EQ is around 10kHz where the frequencies can be boosted a touch. This will add clarity to the vocal, allowing it to cut through the mix. Be careful not to boost too much, as it can cause the vocal to sound harsh instead of airy.

All of the EQ adjustments by themselves may not sound like they make a big difference, but once combined and added to the music, they will go a long way. Take the time to make these small adjustments and make your vocals stand out above the rest.

Next time you need to EQ a male vocal, use the following chart as a reference. Remember when eq'ing male vocals the frequencies needing attention can change depending on the mic used, where it was recorded, or the tone of the vocalist.

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