Collaborating to Make Movie Magic


When Jayden and Sam first signed up to attend the Full Sail Labs Filmmaking Summer Camp, they had no idea they would gain a new friendship along with their filmmaking abilities. During the 2017 Summer Camp, Jayden and Sam experimented with different styles of filmmaking to produce, film, and edit an original film.

“I made a new friend, Sam, and we made all of our movies, so far, together. We did pretty well with switching off roles….It’s a different experience when you’re working with someone else; it’s just something that you won't quite exactly get when you’re working by yourself.” - Jayden

Just like in the real filmmaking industry, collaboration is a fundamental aspect of Full Sail Labs. Jayden and Sam worked together to produce meaningful content, share a lifelong experience, and develop their passion.

“I was looking for someone to do something cool with, I had this idea, and then he’s like ‘Oh, but then we should also add on to this.’ and then it wasn’t just that one plain simple idea.” - Sam

While the students usually use iMovie to edit their films, Sam was interested in challenging himself to learn the more complex Adobe Premiere. Full Sail Labs Filmmaking instructor Mr. Mike, stepped up to teach both Sam and Jaden how to use the professional software. With their newfound ability, the dynamic duo was able to use Premiere to edit their film.

“The best part of working together was after we edited the film, seeing our work all paid off.” - Sam

In the excitement of learning new technology and using professional equipment, it can be easy to lose sight of other soft skills that are just as important. Developing soft skills in communication and collaboration can make all the difference when working in a professional setting. Full Sail Labs believes promoting altruistic qualities goes hand in hand with learning industry skills. Enrollment for Full Sail Labs 2018 Summer Camps is now open! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional updates.