Celebrating the Full Sail Labs Facilitators

To be a Full Sail Labs facilitator you need a wonderful combination of love for learning, technology, and storytelling, but most importantly, a love for helping others learn and get deeper into their passion.
—Luis Garcia, Full Sail Labs General Manager

We often hear from the students that attend Full Sail Labs that they’re impacted by what their facilitator says or does to help them on their learning journey. We love hearing this and it is one of the reasons we appreciate what our facilitators do. Here are other reasons why we love our facilitators:

Our Facilitators Are

  • Hard-working: It’s pretty obvious that our facilitators are active when the Camps and Labs start, but they also do a lot of work behind the scenes. In addition to helping our students, the facilitators also design and formulate each of our programs.
  • Knowledgeable: Our facilitators research different software and hardware in the early stages of the curriculum development. They become pros on all of the materials used in our campus and online offerings.
  • Personable: The facilitators help students figure out how things work, helping them resolve individual issues or concerns as they arise. Many of our facilitators hear back from past students, long after they taught them.
  • Supportive: Facilitators find joy in the success of their students and helping them ignite the spark for their ideas.
  • Encouraging: They encourage the students  to be the best artist and storytellers they can be. The facilitators also encourage students to be awesome human beings.

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