Building and Programming Educational Robots

Kellen attended Full Sail Labs’ 2017 Robotics Summer Camp for kids. Throughout the camp, he had opportunities to build programmable robots and collaborate with classmates to solve problems. 

“I think when you’re working independently, it’s not as fun as when you’re working in a group, because you get to socialize with other people and they’re doing the same thing as you, so like if you have a problem, you could ask them and they might actually know.” - Kellen

Students started the camp with some simple coding for Dash and Dot robots. After becoming familiar with Dash and Dot, students began to build entry-level mBot educational robots and the more advanced STEM robot, mBot Ranger.

After the robots were constructed, students had fun programming a remote control to maneuver their robots. They even programmed the robots to automatically navigate a maze without the use of a remote control. Students had fun racing the mBots against Dash side-by-side.

Here are some of the apps used throughout the camp for programming these robots:

  • Go: a remote control app used with Dash and Dot.
  • Blockly: a programming app used with Dash and Dot.
  • Makeblock App: Functions as a controller for the mBot robots, but also doubles for programming movement without a controller.

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