Bridging the Gap Between YouTube Creators and Fans

As a content Creator, it is easier than ever to communicate with your followers. If you’re a fan of someone, social media can be your best resource for showing your support. If you want to be a part of the conversation, engaging material can help you stand out. The following tips can help encourage open communication between Creators and followers.

Creator’s Engaging with Fans

When your fan base starts growing, more comments will generate on your social channels. As a Creator, keep the following in mind when engaging with your followers.

  • Let your followers know that you want to hear from them. Ask your follower’s thoughts on a post or video topic. Request feedback on the material presented.
  • Be open to constructive criticism. Address common requests before they become bigger issues down the road.
  • Create a positive environment that your followers will want to support. Keep fans coming back by remaining encouraging and upbeat in your communication.
  • Consider following up with posts you determine are most engaging. Make time to respond to comments from your followers. You might find some recommendations or requests that could improve your content delivery.
  • Acknowledge requests from followers by giving a shout-out in a post or video. Your fans will realize that you care about them when you pay attention to their ideas, concerns, and requests.
  • Trolls are unavoidable. Don’t let them anger or upset you. Sometimes it is best to ignore posts from these users. If things get out of hand, consider replying with humor or facts about your topic. This might prevent additional negative responses from occurring. You may also wish to block or ban from any future comments if things get too disruptive.
  • Your followers have opinions and suggestions that you may not agree with. Avoid blasting someone for a comment or request you disagree with. Negativity might result in losing a follower who otherwise could have remained a loyal subscriber.

Fans Engaging with Creators

We know Creators can engage with fans, but as a fan how can you authentically interact with a Creator? Here are a few tips to consider when engaging with a Creator.

  • Make your responses something the Creator can reply to with more than a yes or no answer. Ask questions relating to the content or suggest a topic you would like to see covered. Let them know what you enjoy and what you would like to see more of.
  • Many fans may be following the same Creator as you, all trying to show support and gain recognition. Try not to ask too much of the Creator you’re engaging with.
  • Don’t be a troll. These responses can become distracting or frustrating for the Creator and other fans. This could also result in closing opportunities for future communication with the Creator.
  • Finally, consider creating content of your own. In doing so, you could show appreciation for Creators that have influenced you. This may even open doors to collaborate on projects down the road.

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