Becoming Social Through YouTube Video Creation


Research shows that approximately 33-50% of us are introverts - up to half the existing population find comfort in “alone time.” This can also be true for YouTubers. In 2017, Full Sail Labs attended Playlist Live in Orlando and got some feedback from some YouTube stars on their creator journey.

“Ironically enough, when I was younger, I was very much a guy that wanted to be by himself not wanting to be in the limelight and now I’ve created this new, kind of you know persona that I love to be in front of a camera.”  - Brian Barczyk

You may have heard the age old adage “Practice Makes Perfect.” Well, this seems to be true for forming your YouTube personality as well. Many of the YouTuber’s we interviewed found that creating their videos at first was a daunting task, with many errors and hiccups. Practicing and making more videos helped these creators break out of their shell and interact more with their followers.

“People tell me that I impact their lives, that they were going through a hard time and there’s a certain song that they love that they just listen to over and over, and in turn I have grown so much.” - Jen Msumba

Whatever the case may be, there are ways to find comfort and enjoyment in the things you do. Creating videos for YouTube can seem like a difficult task at first, but practicing and continuing to make videos becomes easier over time.

To have like all those people just come [to Playlist Live] because they watch my videos and enjoy my content is just... that’s exactly why I do this and it’s so rewarding.” - Matt Magnome

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