Basic Security Habits all YouTube Creators Should Practice

Since its founding in 2005, YouTube has exploded to provide an array of content ranging from How To Videos, Product Reviews, Vlogs, Gaming Videos, Sketch Comedy, Educational Videos, and of course a lot of Cat Videos. Behind all that content are the Creators who work hard to build their brand and produce trending videos for their subscribers. To continue making content, Creators must also work to ensure they stay safe in an environment with so much exposure.

Content Creator Shaezilla knows first hand the importance of Internet safety. Hear her explore best practices for staying safe online, then follow these safety tips and guidelines for YouTube Creators to continue creating what they love while protecting themselves.

Protect Your Privacy

Revealing personal information online can be dangerous and used against the user to harm them in a number of ways. It’s crucial to think before posting any personal information online, especially when everything posted on the Web is there forever.

As a general rule, users should never post:

  • Where they live
  • Where they attend school
  • Where they work
  • Their home address
  • Their personal phone number
  • Their current location (ex. “Check-Ins”)
  • Any financial information

The same rule applies when posting about other people, always get permission before sharing information on others.

Hacking and Impersonation

Hacking is a genuine threat, especially to those in the spotlight. People may try to hack accounts to steal information or to impersonate, each of which can be very harmful to the victim. Creators can protect their accounts, information, and likeness by never sharing their passwords with anyone and by following YouTube’s checklist for securing accounts.

Creators who follow these guidelines and practices for Internet safety will stay safe and continue to create content. All of this information and more can be found on YouTube Help.

You can learn more about protecting yourself online and producing your own content with our Social Media Courses powered by Full Sail Labs.