5 Must Have Apps for YouTube Creators

When creating content, you want to make it the best it can be, but there are limits to the kind of gear you might have access to. Nevertheless, we sometimes forget the incredible power we have in the palm of our hands. Aside from the capabilities of today’s smartphones, there is an endless supply of mobile applications available to easily produce extraordinary videos. Whether you’re a seasoned YouTuber or just starting out, this variety of apps will provide you with tools to create content that speaks to the masses.

1. FiLMiC Pro

Filmic is one of the most advanced mobile applications for video production out there. It allows users to transform their mobile devices into an unstoppable production machine. The portfolio of footage captured using this app is truly incredible, the 2015 Sundance Film Fest hit, Tangerine, was shot entirely on an iPhone using the Filmic app. This high definition application offers many features that allow users to instantly shoot professional quality video. Using a mobile device to shoot film can get extremely creative, creators can access angles and perform movements that would be much harder to do with larger cameras.

Cost: $14.99

2. Switcher Studio

The Switcher Studio app will transform a one man show into a decked out production team. Users can live stream 1080p video directly to YouTube or Facebook, switch between videos, incorporate images, graphics, and overlays while the video is in progress. Advanced camera controls include focus, exposure, white-balance and more. This is the ultimate tool for mobile video creators to produce professional, engaging, and easy to share videos all from one device.

Cost: Free

3. Shot Lister

It’s easy to jump the gun and forget the importance of pre-production. Shot Lister allows creators to quickly build professional shot lists and schedules so shoots always go according to plan. There are tons of features in Shot Lister creators can take advantage of during production as well. Users can import scripts, add storyboards to every shot, instantly mark the best takes, and easily share with anyone in the cast or crew. This fully customizable app will make life as a video creator so much easier.

Cost: $13.99

4. Alive

Add effects and bring videos to life with the Alive App. Users can better tell their stories using a variety of effects including video filters, graphics, text animation, music, and much more. This app gives content creators even more freedom to creatively express themselves in unique ways. With its easy to use interface and unlimited free cloud storage, users can enrich their stories and make an impression on viewers.

Cost: Free

5. Luma Touch

The LumaFusion app by LumaTouch is an impressive video editor for those creators who want to get a little more technical with their videos. Users are able to edit video, audio, apply a variety of effects, create titles, and easily integrate with multiple media file platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud and more. LumaFushion provides a powerful platform for producing captivating videos for professional and ameture creators.

Cost: $19.99

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