A Playground for the Swift Programming Language

“[I’ve] taught programming languages before. I’ve learned through programming languages and one thing I find that’s always frustrating for me and for other learners is that we feel like, you learn a lot of the coding concepts and you just don’t have any way to see what you’ve applied.” 
–Miss Kimberly, Full Sail Labs Coordinator

Swift Playgrounds is an app created by Apple for people to learn coding and programming. It has been praised as “the fastest growing programming language,” by Susan Prescott, at the Apple Education event on March 27, 2018. The app takes a different approach to coding and programming by allowing the user to see the result of their code in real time, as it is being applied through Swift Playgrounds.

“It’s awesome that Swift creates the opportunity for you to be able to actually create a physical app that you can use and show off to your friends and family and feel like you’ve actually created something.”
—Miss Kimberly

Full Sail Labs is an Apple Distinguished School, introducing a new opportunity for Kids and Teens to learn and show off their coding and programming skills. Through our week-long Summer Camps, students learn the fundamentals of Swift Playgrounds coding and programming, including variables, functions, conditionals, arrays, and more.

Once the fundamentals are covered, students will have a chance to apply their knowledge by creating something of their own, using the Swift Playgrounds app. But everyone can code using the Swift Playgrounds, right? What makes these Summer Camps a special experience for Kids and Teens?

While we teach the concepts of coding using the Swift Playgrounds application, we also like to take a step back from technology to apply these concepts in different settings. Collaboration gets our students more active, helping the coding principles really sink in.

The goal of these Camps is to gain an understanding of how Swift coding can be used to create a website, application, or even a game! Check out our Summer Camp lineup to learn more about how Full Sail Labs encourages coding with Swift Playgrounds.

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